Nature Center, Trails & Wildlife

The Great Outdoors RV Resort was created by and for people who love Florida's natural beauty. Watch native egret, deer and turkeys wander undisturbed past your door. The park's 15-mph speed limit is strictly enforced to give the right of way to a waddling tortoise or one of our many families of sand hill cranes.

Located on the bank of the Addison Canal, our Nature Center provides exhibits and displays of wildlife, insects, marine habitats, Indian artifacts, and even a large sea turtle. The library includes quite a collection of books and publications for everyone to enjoy, covering all types of animals, plants, native gardening, flowers, trees, and how-to-brochures.

Enjoy the soaring flight of eagles above their nesting sites. These majestic residents are protected and monitored by the park and the Florida Department of Natural Resources. So, it's not uncommon to see one of our two royal residents swoop down and capture his lunch out of our lakes.

At The Great Outdoors, bridges and walkways were built over existing marshes and ponds. Spartina bakeri grasses were retained and added which encourages deer to come in to feed and frolic among our moss-covered Spanish oaks and clusters of Sabal palms and southern pines.

No hunting is allowed, but this resort has become a bird-watcher's paradise, for which some 300 different species have been identified, including the beautiful Painted Bunting. And don't be surprised to see alligators peeking out of one of the water hazards along the golf course.

If you enjoy the peace and serenity of nature, The Great Outdoors offers two miles of walking trails. A portion of the nature trail is lit at night with low voltage lighting; and owners and guests may walk, jog, bicycle or drive their golf cart on the trails - however, pets are not permitted as their scent may ward off the deer and other natural habitants.